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A Look Into Design
Pictures Are Better Than Text What is a good homepage? A homepage to me is one that is simple and the user is able to figure out what the purpose of the website is within the first couple of seconds. I am specifically referring to B2C websites, and is based on the fact that users […] Read more – ‘A Look Into Design’.
Zokos UI Design
One of my favorite concepts on the internet right now is Zokos.com. Zokos allows you to easily set-up dinner parties, by allowing your guests to chip-in for the event prior to the event. Anybody who has planned events knows the trouble of planning events, and having people who previously committed to coming drop-out, leaving the […] Read more – ‘Zokos UI Design’.
Mobile Website or Mobile App
So you’ve made the right decision and are going to invest in mobile marketing, but you can’t decide whether to build a mobile app or a mobile website. The answer depends on your audience, goals, and your budget. Argument for Mobile Websites Compatibility The downside of mobile apps is that they only work on the […] Read more – ‘Mobile Website or Mobile App’.
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